Ultimate Model Series

If you're looking for a portable cordless lamp... you're looking for Incresisom.


Extreme Metal Series

Upgrade your luxury home. More than just a lamp. Incresisom is a sculpture.


Dexterous Guardian Series

Professional for more than 20 years to provide cordless lights for restaurants, hotels, etc., the quality is guaranteed, please rest assured to buy.


Candy Macaron Series

Wonderful color collision, cute candy style from Macaron color system, give you more options.


Bright Crystal Series

Born with edges and shined with radiance.

Old Icons. Modern Classics.

– Lighting is a powerful thing. It sets the mood, inspires productivity, and motivates us. The right light can open up a room in a bright ambiance, or create a more cozy environment with warm tones and diffused light.

Exquisite Lantern Series

Take your lantern light wherever you want. Its compact design and hand grip allows you to bring it to the next outdoor adventure or your friend's place to create a cozy ambience!

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For the past years, we have been designing and manufacturing rechargeable, battery-powered lamps for restaurants, hotels, and interior designers. To learn more about, please contact us.

Versatility isn't the only bonus when it comes to enhancing the home with cordless table lamps. These fixtures are very portable, allowing you to increase or decrease the lighting intensity of any given area at a moment's notice. A wireless table lamp also provides functional lighting for reading and other tasks without the hassle of finding an outlet -- you can literally have light anywhere you want it. Many cordless table lamp styles fall into a decorative category as well, uplifting the mood and the décor of your home or outdoor living spaces. The vibrant hues of many of the LED style wireless lamps make it easy to fall in love with these beautiful lighting elements.

Use your imagination and you will find plenty of possibilities for enhancing your home and its grounds with wireless table lamp options. These lamps sit nicely on tables, counters, and other surfaces, but their versatility lends itself to placing them just about anywhere. You can also find wireless LED lamps to create just the right mood around your swimming pool and outdoor kitchen. A battery powered table lamp can start on an end table, but you can easily move it to any room of the home without regard to wall outlets or any kind of electrical current. These fixtures can offer a lot of value for outdoor use as well as mood lighting and even emergency lighting in the event of a power outage.

No matter if you wish for convenient lighting or an eye-catching design, you can have both in a cordless table lamp. The wireless table lamp selection by Extreme Metal Series includes stunning LED options that take the mood of your favorite settings to a whole new level with vivid colors and attractive shapes like Pearl, Cube and Dew. Choices by Bright Crystal Series take on a more traditional appearance guided by glamour, with wireless table lamp styles featuring a metallic base and a shade that mimics cut crystal. Finally, Ultimate Model Series offers the convenience of dimmable LED lighting in a compact battery powered lamp that can go quite literally anywhere.

The cordless table lamp selection offers something for everyone and every location. Consider whether you prefer white light or a vibrant pop of color to brighten up your living spaces. Depending on your personal style, the hard lines or smooth curves of these lamps can coordinate nicely with your existing décor. Plenty of LED options allow you to make an effortlessly eco-friendly choice if desired. To enjoy the wireless lighting under the stars, be sure to select a lamp that is rated for outdoor use. If you have any questions about the cordless table lights featured here, please contact our lighting experts at [email protected]. If you want to wholesale, you can contact our staff at [email protected].

If you like the style of these cordless table lamps, you may also enjoy table lamps in an array of styles and colors with selections suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition to their portability, the use of LED as the light source means they are long-lasting and energy efficient. You may want to check out the assortment of desk lamps if its a portable fixture you need for your home office or work space. And once you've set up your living spaces with beautiful light, you can also enhance pathways, walkways and gardens with attractive landscape lighting. Creating a welcoming landscape helps to make your home all the more inviting to friends and family. 

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