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25 years after the very first Cordless Lamp, our products grace literally thousands of the finest restaurants, hotels, resorts and private homes, in more than 100 countries around the world. Our latest generation of cordless lamp features our advanced LED technology and proven hardware, and it’s accompanied by a new range of beautifully designed diffusers, crafted in resin, timber, metal, glass and polymer. Today, as ever, we continue to concentrate on quality design, function and construction, all backed by solid customer service.



After three years of research and development, we have developed a new range of LED bulbs with an industry-leading colour rendering of 95+ CRI. Unlike cheaper counterparts, these LEDs are visually indistinguishable from traditional halogens. All Incresisom Cordless Lamps are now standard fitted with these specially developed LEDs, delivering an 80% energy saving and a 50,000hr lifespan.


  • The origins of wireless can be traced back to 1995. At that time we were working with Sydney architects on a lighting design for a restaurant.

    A major challenge with restaurant lighting is that they need to move the tables and light them properly. The chief architect asked if we could design a light without wires to solve this problem.

  • He thought the candles were messy and didn't provide enough light. We said yes, and the design and development process began.

  • What surprised us at the time was that no off-the-shelf battery charging system could meet our requirements. So we designed our own, which perfectly matched our needs.



When founder and owner Michael Rees built his first house and founded Incresisom in 1984, our mission was to create original light fixtures with the highest quality construction and design.

With attention to detail and a penchant for process improvement, Michael has created, for the first time, a fail-safe approach to selecting the right lighting fixtures and has helped countless homeowners learn lighting design concepts.

It wasn't long before Michael brought his passion and method online so you could achieve designer-level results with minimal stress or difficulty.

This has resulted in a new online facility and warehouse where Michael can serve the country with his new home improvement vision.


We know the impact lighting can have on your home. We also know that choosing new lighting fixtures on our own can seem daunting.

When you shop at Incresisom, not only do you get great styles to choose from, but you gain confidence:

  • Product Quality and Value
    We appreciate beauty and craftsmanship, and hand select each lighting design so you don't waste time on lighting that falls below quality and value standards.
  • Contact
    We are passionate about collaboration and have an unwavering commitment to providing thorough, most important, relational personal care.
  • Promise
    We offer free worldwide express delivery and a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit, even after sales.

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